Frequently Asked Questions

Your Account Manager is the person in charge of your affiliate account. Your Account Manager is available to answer your questions and to advise you. His name and address appear at the top of the page near your available balance and your pseudo, in the Affiliate Space.
When you register to LivePartners, an Account Manager will be assigned to you. If this isn’t the case, please contact us, using our contact form. Choose the option "Account Manager" and specify your personal details as well as your question. Our teams will then assign you an Account Manager as quickly as possible and he will quickly contact you.

Laws about this matter vary depending on the country. It is your responsibility to check that you are within the law of your country before registering to LivePartners.

Yes, our affiliates are authorised to have a player account with our partners, that allows them to know our clients’ sites better, as well as how they work. However, the affiliate is not allowed to make deposits through any of its affiliation trackers. The affiliate is not entitled to any commission resulting from such activity. Affiliates wishing to make test deposits to evaluate the system, have to contact their account manager. In case these general conditions or the LivePartners affiliation platform are not respected, your player account and/or your affiliate account will be closed.

Possibilities to boost your affiliation revenue are numerous:

  • Firstly, look into your website and its content: try offering a high quality site, which is both promotional and informative, which will set it apart from other sites or blogs, concerning the same subject.
  • Then, ensure the promotion for your website or blog, working hard on referencing on different search engines.
  • Finally, use the tools that we provide, to promote our partners in an efficient way on your site or blog: banners, mailings, marketing tools, bonus coupons etc.

Bonus coupons: Every month, you can request to receive a bonus coupon budget to help acquire new players and/or liven up your existing players.
To make your request, kindly contact us through our General enquiry form, choosing the option "Request bonus coupons".
Don’t forget to specify the details of your LivePartners account when you make the request.
Requests are processed each week along with the budget that you could be allocated, depending on the potential of your website and its monthly results.
For more details about the bonus coupons, the way they are awarded and their use, you can contact your Account Manager.
You are, under no circumstances, allowed to use these bonus coupons for your personal account if you are a player with our partners.

Joining LivePartners does not necessarily mean a long commitment. You are free to quit the platform whenever you wish. To do so, you have to remove all marketing tools and/or banners used for the promotion of our partners from your website (s).
By default, your affiliate account will remain accessible: if you wish, you can contact us to ask to suspend or definitively close it down.

No, the registration to the LivePartners affiliation platform and its use are completely free, there are no fees to pay. Carefully, read the conditions of use before confirming your registration.

You can register all your sites to LivePartners.
When you join our affiliation programme, you will be given an affiliate account. You have the possibility of adding additional sites that you may want. Your sites will have specific and unique IDs allowing you to follow their stats for each of your sites.

You will benefit from a right to access and modify any data which is related to you. To modify personal details on your LivePartners account, sign in to the affiliate space and click on the tab "My Account" on the top left hand side of the page. You will then be able to access a form, allowing you to update all your personal information, except for your username.

In case you lose or forget your password and/or your LivePartners username, click on "Connection" and then on "Forgotten password". Enter your username or your e-mail address. Your username and a new password will be sent to you by e-mail.

LivePartners offers several payment methods: Neteller, Moneybookers, Paypal, bank transfer and transfer to your player accounts on our partner sites. You must specify which payment methods you will choose when registering to LivePartners. You can then modify it, by signing in to your affiliate account.
Payments are made by LivePartners during the first two weeks of each month.
At the beginning of every month, your stats are reset and our teams then calculate your commission for the previous month. This amount will then appear in the payment history of your LivePartners affiliate account, with the status "pending".
To receive your payments, you must reach the minimum amount required by the payment method that you have chosen. This amount is €50 for Neteller, Moneybookers, Paypal and the players’ accounts on our partners’ sites and €250 for bank transfers.
If this amount isn’t reached by the end of the month, your winnings will be held by LivePartners and will be transferred to you at the beginning of the following month, providing that the minimum amount required has been reached by that point. If profits are less than the minimum payment amount, your winnings will be postponed until the minimum required level has been reached.

Laws on this matter vary depending on the country. To receive an answer specifically adapted to your situation, please contact our Customer Support Service using our general enquiries form. Choose the option "payments and taxes" and give as many details as possible about your current situation. Our teams will provide you a precise answer, adapted to your situation, as quickly as possible.

To consult your CPAs, go to the heading "Statistics" in your Affiliate Space. Indicate the period that you wish to consult. A stat table will be generated, presenting the number of players who have already deposited, signed up through your site and the number of players who have deposited more than the minimum required to benefit from the CPA registered through your website.
All information available in the list of your sub-accounts (tracking ID) are only valid for the current month.

For the moment, it is not possible for webmasters to win money on LivePartners by referring other webmasters to come and join the affiliation platform. However, if you possess a site in common, and/or a database targeting webmasters, you can contact us so we can attempt to form a partnership.

LivePartners is regularly looking for new freelance collaborators. If you wish to submit your candidature, contact our Management department via our form available in general enquiries. Choose the option "Recruitment" and give as many details as possible about your current situation. Our Human Resources department will contact you for your CV and references as soon as possible.

To install a banner on your website is very simple:


  • Firstly, take the html code from the banner that interests you by going to the heading « Banners and Tools » then select the kind of tool that you wish to obtain, under the sub headings (for example: banners) in your LivePartners affiliate space. Select the language and the format, how you wish all the banners to be displayed.
  • Choose the banner with the html code containing your Tracking ID which will allow us to track players that you send to our partner sites via this banner.
  • Then, copy and paste the banner code in the source code of your website, in the position that you wish to display the banner.


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